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Can Aliens & Alphas Kindle books be shared on multiple devices?

Hi! Frauke, your friendly Customer Support girl at Aliens & Alphas, here. 🙂

Popular support questions we receive at A&A are the following:

  • Can Aliens & Alphas Kindle books be shared on multiple devices?
  • Can I have an Aliens & Alphas Kindle book on more than one device?
  • Where can I find my Aliens & Alphas Kindle book? It’s not in the library?
  • Why is my downloaded Aliens & Alphas book not syncing to my other devices?

So I thought it may be good to answer them here publicly, with screenshots and step-by-step instructions attached. I hope this post will help you.

You can download a book to more than one Kindle or Kindle app. As long as you are downloading the book on the same IP address, BookFunnel won’t stop you.

If you encounter a “download limit reached” message, it is because your private download link has reached its limit. That link is able to download to up to 2 different IP addresses before it becomes “redeemed”.

But maybe you are like me. I use three devices (my Kindle, my iPad and my Mac) to read books. Sometimes even my iPhone, too. Fortunately, books purchased from Amazon Kindle, sync automatically to all my devices. But what about Kindle books purchased at A&A?

First, if  you want to download your books to multiple devices over multiple IP addresses and you get the “redeemed” message, contact me at shop @ (w/o spaces) or help @ (w/o spaces) so they can reset your link.

However, there are other ways to solve this problem. In short all you have to do is to add your books to the Kindle library so they can be delivered automatically to all your devices.

IMPORTANT: I’m not talking about the library on any of your devices here, but the “main” Kindle library you can view when you visit your Amazon account.

Here’s the long answer how you can send books to your “main” Kindle library so you can access it on all your Kindle readers and other devices that have the Kindle app installed.

Configure Delivery Settings at Amazon

Step 1: Log into your Amazon account. (Mine, although I’m German, is at

Step 2: Signed in, choose “Your Content & Devices” from the drop-down menu for your account.

Amazon Account: Your Content and Devices

Step 3: On the “My Content & Devices” page choose the “Preferences” tab:

Amazon Account: Preferences

Step 4: Scroll down the page until you see “Personal Document Settings”.

Personal Document Settings

Step 5: Click the header “Personal Document Settings” to expand this section.

Here you have to check three things.

Step 5.1: Make sure “Personal Document Archiving” is ENABLED.

Personal Document Archiving

Step 5.2: Make sure your email address is correctly listed under the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List”. If it is not there, make sure to add it.

Approved Personal Document E-mail List

Step 5.3: Make sure all your Kindle reading devices are listed under “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings”.

Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings

Step 5.4: You will see email addresses listed besides your devices. Write one down. It doesn’t really matter which one, you only need one of them.

Download Book from BookFunnel

If you download your book from BookFunnel, you’ll be asked “What do you like to read on?” and get the following selection to choose from:

What do you like to read on?

Step 6: Choose any of the choices listed except for Kobo or Nook readers. We need for Kindle a MOBI file, that’s Kindle’s format for ebooks. And Kobo as well as Nook use EPUB as ebook format.

Step 7: Depending on what you chose, you’ll see another selection next or simply a form to have the book emailed to you (see screenshots below).

Download Your Book

Which Kindle Do You Have?

IMPORTANT: Choose the option EMAIL MY BOOK and select MOBI (for Kindles) as format. To make it as simple as possible send the book to the email address you added on Amazon to the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List”.

Email Your Book

Email Book to Amazon

Step 8: An email from BookFunnel should show up in your inbox shortly. It has got the subject “We’ve attached your MOBI of “Your Book”. Attached to it is the MOBI file. Now simply forward this email to one of the Kindle devices listed under “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings”. I asked you to write down one of the email addresses here earlier (Step 5.4).

We are taking here advantage of Amazon’s “Send to Kindle by E-mail” feature.

Instead of sending the book by email, you can, if you are on your computer, also download the mobi file to your files and then use Amazon’s FREE “Send to Kindle” software to add it to your Kindle library: Download for MAC | Download for PC.

Synch Book to all your Devices

Step 9: It can take a moment for the book your send to Kindle by email to appear in your Kindle library. To check if it’s there, sign in to your Amazon account, go again to “Your Content & Devices” page. There choose the “Content” tab:

Amazon Account: Content

IMPORTANT: Book send to Kindle by you (instead of purchased at Amazon) are not listed under “Books” but “Docs”. So make sure you are viewing the “Docs” list.


Your book should be listed there.

KIndle Docs

Step 10: Select your book and click the DELIVER button:

Deliver Button

Step 11: Select the devices you want the book to be added to and click the DELIVER button:

Deliver Book

Step 12: That’s it. The book should have been added to all your devices now. Just remember it will show up under DOCS.

Docs Menu (iPhone Kindle App)

Happy Reading!

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