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Vote for your favorite Halloween titles!

Halloween Promo

Available October 20: Our Exclusive Halloween Box Set

Red and the WolfOn October 20, 2018 we will release an exclusive Halloween Box Set, only available here at Aliens & Alphas. There will be three books included in the box set. The first of them is Red and the Wolf (re-release), and you get to choose the other two!

Sara Jensen is the town witch in Buck Lake, Tennessee. More than anything she misses her older brother and his best friend Reeve, who are overseas in the Marine Corps. But when her brother is killed in action, Reeve comes back with a secret—an ancient crone laid a curse on him that turns him into a ravening wolf every full moon.

Sara has a secret of her own—she’s head over heels for Reeve and has been since they were kids. When he comes to her house on Halloween night asking for help, she inadvertently lays a fidelity spell on him while trying to keep him in his human form. Sara knows she must undertake the difficult and dangerous task of lifting his curse. But when the wolf within him is banished, the fidelity spell will be lifted too and his love for her will disappear.

Now Sara must choose between keeping the love of her life and lifting the curse that threatens his very existence.

Vote for your favorite titles and win one of our prizes

Read the back cover copy for the following titles (all of them re-releases) and then vote for your favorites at the end of this post (you can vote for one or two titles)!
The two titles with the most votes will be included in the box set and also be released as single titles on October 20.

  1. Taming the Beast
  2. Gypsy Moon
  3. Kristen’s Addiction
  4. The Covenant
  5. Secret Thirst

If you leave a comment and tell us about your favorites, you’ll also be entered to win one of the following prizes:

  • $10 Store Voucher (5 winners)
  • a copy of the Halloween Box Set (5 winners)

The poll ends September 30. Winners (randomly chosen from the comments, not based on vote) will be announced on October 1.

Please note: The winners who win the Halloween Box Set will receive their copy on October 20. (We need some time to format the box set first and get the covers designed).

1. Taming the Beast

Sold into a life of prostitution by her greedy uncle, innocent Gisella Trelain finds herself a prisoner in a dark and ominous dungeon. Chained to the wall is a muscular, naked man named Tristan who tells her he is under a curse. Every month he is doomed to lose his humanity and take on the characteristics of a ravening beast—a beast with needs too savage to be satisfied by any ordinary woman. In order to break the curse, Gisella must submit completely to the beast and offer herself freely to slake his fierce sexual desires. But the stakes are high in this fairytale come true and if Gisella isn’t able to open herself completely to Tristan’s lusts, she may lose her life as she attempts to tame the beast.

2. Gypsy Moon

Alissa O’Malley is having a rough twenty-fifth birthday. She get an eviction notice on her apartment, gets into a car wreck and loses her job, all on the same day. But as bad as her life is, it’s only going to get worse. At a mortifying birthday dinner with her politically incorrect Grandmother, she gets bitten by a hyperactive Pomeranian that’s been ‘infected’ by a run-in with a wolf. That’s when things really start to gets weird. Alissa’s normally straight and lifeless hair starts curling, her eyes change color and she develops a taste for raw meat. Strangest of all are the reoccurring dreams of a tall, dark man with a scarred face who is chained to a wall with silver manacles. He tells her that he is her heart-mate and he will be coming for her soon. Before she knows it, Alissa is involved in a life and death struggle involving werewolves, witches, generational curses, magical silver earrings, and a hot sexual biting ceremony that will bind her to the man of her dreams and his strange life forever. Can she handle the strain of becoming a completely different person? Or will her life change forever after she spends one night under the Gypsy Moon?

3. Kristen’s Addiction

Dr. Kristen Johansen is a respected pediatrician. With her sexy plus-sized figure and long blonde hair you’d think she’d have a man. But her demanding career has put her love life on hold, until she’s attacked late one night and becomes an addict—of vampire venom.

Now she has no choice but to go out after sundown, offering herself to anyone with fangs who wants a late-night snack. Which is how she runs into Joe, the last person she would have suspected of being a vampire. Blue-collar and hard-core, Joe works as a mechanic and hides his intellect behind his skill with a socket wrench. But what he really longs for is an extra-curvy woman with appetites to match his own.

After an explosive sexual encounter, Joe offers Kristen the chance at a cure. But as they work together to find the rogue vampire who attacked her, Kristen begins to wonder if her addiction is turning into love. And whether regaining her old life is worth losing the only man she has ever cared for.

4. The Covenant

Kaitlyn Richards is a witch with powers beyond the norm. Her unique abilities make her one of the few people in the state of Florida qualified to be an S.E., or Supernatural Enforcer. As part of her duties she uses her home as a magical holding cell for creatures too strong to be contained in normal human jails.

Holden Sumner is a three-hundred-year-old vampire on a mission—he’s been stalking a serial-killing demon for centuries and he needs Kaitlyn’s help to kill it. The problem is, she won’t give him the time of night. But Sumner is determined to get under her skin.

Though Kaitlyn is reluctant to get involved with a vampire, she agrees to help Sumner search for the killer. But in order to drive the demon back to hell and stop the slaughter of innocents, she will have to bind herself more tightly than she ever thought possible to a man she doesn’t want to love.

She and Sumner must form a blood covenant…or die trying.

5. Secret Thirst

Dr. Lauren Wright is a serious research scientist with blonde hair, smoky green eyes and a curvy plus-size figure. Too bad her closest relationship is with her laptop, where she stores all her most forbidden fantasies of erotic submission. Lauren has perfected the formula for NuBlood, an artificial blood substitute that is identical to donor blood.

Nicolas Kris works for a vampire organization that needs the formula for NuBlood in order to “come out” to the world at large and prove that vampires are more than the blood-sucking fiends found in horror movies. He swipes Lauren’s Mac, thinking that the formula is encrypted inside. What he finds instead is a code worth breaking—the key to Lauren’s heart.

When they meet, it’s hate at first sight. But a sinister group of vamps who don’t want to be outed attack Lauren, forcing her and Kris to take refuge at the most notorious bondage/Domination night club in Houston, where the price of admission is fantasy and desire. In order to survive, Lauren will have to act out her own erotic scenarios with Kris acting as her Master while he does his best to quench her Secret Thirst.

Pick your two favorites for A&A's Exclusive Halloween Box Set

  • Taming the Beast (33%, 79 Votes)
  • Gypsy Moon (23%, 55 Votes)
  • Secret Thirst (17%, 42 Votes)
  • Kristen's Addiction (14%, 33 Votes)
  • The Covenant (13%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 130

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UPDATE October 1, 2018

The title of the box set is One Hot Halloween and it will feature RED AND THE WOLF, TAMING THE BEAST and GYPSY MOON. Release date is October 20.

And the winners are…

A $10 Store Voucher (sent to your email address you used to comment) goes to:






And a copy of the Halloween Box Set will be delivered to the following winners on October 20:



Gladys Nason



Congrats to the winners! And thanks all for participating. You rock!

66 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite Halloween titles!

  1. I haven’t read Gypsy Moon yet, so I voted for that one!

    1. I chose Covenant and Gypsy Moon, but somehow I’ve missed all of these so I’ll be thrilled with any of them.📖💙💜💚🧡📖📖

  2. Taming the Beast was the first one I think I’ve ever read since then I’ve been hooked.

  3. No read any of these book but absolutely love vampires!!

  4. Looking forward to reading Red because I love witch stories! Taming the beast sounds like an exciting book that I can’t wait to read.

  5. Secret Thirst sounds like a good one to read.

  6. lol looks like my two are lagging, heh. I haven’t read any of these yet (!!!) but Gypsy Moon and The Covenant sounded awesome! I love me some werewolves and having the woman being part of it is awesome to me. 🙂 Either way, SO FUN! I love that this site is so interactive already! 😀
    BTW, Allecia = Lisa Jensen 😀

    1. Right there with ya! Everything I’ve read by Ms Anderson has been absolutely awesome, and trust me I’ve read almost all she has published!! Rock on Evangeline!! (Or should I say write on)!!!❤️❤️

  7. I voted for Gypse Moon. The title and description put me in a Halloween mood.

  8. I love anything that you write.

  9. Haven’t read any of them. They sound good.

  10. Taming was fantastic!!

  11. Taming the Beast is certainly a turn-on for a secret fantasy of being forced into a sexual encounter but choosing to be strong enough to survive.

    Kristen’s Addiction treats secret longings to become realities. What female doesn’t dream of situations that seem the opposite of what others see as her reality.

  12. I voted for Taming the Beast, but was really torn between it and Gypsy Moon, but a beast always wins in my books!

  13. It was hard to choose between these offerings. One of my favorite stories is beauty and the beast. And I enjoy humor with my kink.

  14. Everything you write is great!!

  15. All the books I have read so far are great! I have not read any of these yet but look forward to them. Keep up the good work and keep the books coming please. Thanks!

    1. We do our best. Evangeline’s already hard at work on a new story. We’ll announce release dates soon.

  16. Impossible choices! I want to read them all! I started with the Brides of the Kindred series a few years back and since then have read everything that I can get my hands on!

    1. Don’t worry, Lauren, you get to read them all. A few simply take longer than others. We simply can’t release all out of print books at once. But it’s our goal to bring them all back. 🙂

  17. Every book I have ever read by Evangeline Anderson has been rivetting: dramatic storyline, witty and often funny dualogue and unbelievable erotica. Any new book is a must and re-reading old favorites a treat!

  18. I haven’t read any of the books yet, but gypsy moon and the covenant sound like the books I enjoy most.

  19. I haven’t read any of these but it’s great to find new treasures! Can’t wait for the box set come out!

    1. We neither. Before the box set releases, though, we have got a few other books coming out first. So the wait shouldn’t be too long. 😉

  20. Love this site. I voted for the two least popular books. That’s ok as I would love to read all of your books. So I am a winner no matter what. I am a devoted fan of yours. I have been for years and have almost all of your books. I’m glad to see you have your own site. Very smart, lady!! Hope you continue to thrive! (BTW, I hate spell check)

  21. I voted for Gypsy Moon and Kristen’s Addiction. I am looking forward to reading both.

  22. Haven’t read Gypsy Moon or the Convant so those two are my pick.

  23. I can’t wait to read any of these. They all sound good.

  24. I haven’t read any of these so look forward to seeing which ones get picked.

  25. They all sound very good but I chose Kristen’s Addiction & Secret Thirst. Whatever wins though, I know I’ll love.

  26. I haven’t read any of these! Secret thirst sounds so good!

  27. I don’t think I’ve read any of these! I’m so excited!

  28. These would be new stories for me so I’m excited about any of them ;D

  29. Honestly I haven’t found anything you have written that I didn’t like. ….so I’ll try these too. ….and thanks for sharing your style of writing with the rest of us humans.

  30. Have not read any of the books but am excited to read them all.

  31. I would LOVE to read “Taming”. 😋

  32. Can’t wait!

  33. This is a fun idea for Halloween! It’ll be great to see what books make it into the set.

    1. Thank you! We hope you all enjoy being part of the publishing process by choosing the stories we bring back. And we’ve got a lot more fun things planned. 🙂

  34. I really hope Gypsy Moon makes it. Who can resist a story involving werewolfism via a pomeranian!

  35. Okay, I voted. Love your books. ALL of them. Thank you very much. I loved Taming the Beast – worth a re-read. I think I missed Gypsy Moon but it has my interest. I look forward to reading it. Thank you.

  36. Such a hard choice! Each one would be a great addition. I went with the title rather than the story because I want them all!

  37. I never read taming the beast and gypsy moon! Am absolut excited!!

    1. We are excited, too. Yay!

  38. Taming the Beast is a favorite! Thank you for the chance!

  39. I usually don’t read much werewolf fiction…I know it’s a travesty! But, the summary of Gypsy Moon definitely has me interested. Plus I’m a sucker for stronger men who go through some difficult circumstances before they get their woman.
    And Secret Thirst was an easy choice. I mean, Nublood? I definitely want to know about that and Evangeline Anderson is very good at building a strong background and introducing fascinating possibilities in her stories.

  40. Anything written by you will be awesome so it was hard to choose a title, I picked a story line I had not read yet.

  41. I already read Taming the Beast which is awesome! But, I NEED to read the others!!! I chose the 2 books that I want to read most so hopefully I can win or buy the box set!

  42. I had trouble deciding between Taming the Beast and Kristen’s Addiction. I haven’t read the ladder yet.

  43. Aww. I wanted the Covenant, but it looks like I’m dead last in that. Always the way it goes. Shucks. Ah well, I’m sure the rest are good too!

    1. Don’t give up yet, there’s still time. And if the Covenant doesn’t make it in the box set, then it will be released next year. We’re slowly working on bringing all out of print titles back.

      1. I look forward to them then!

  44. It doesn’t matter which titles get put in the set;I already know I love it

  45. It has to be Gypsy Moon and The Covenant.

    Any time someone is bitten by a hyperactive Pomeranian that’s been ‘infected’ by a run-in with a wolf, or a powerful witch works with an ancient vampire, it has to be read.

  46. Secret Thirst & The Covenant for me please. I know I’ve read them, but it was so many books ago the details are not clear. Not a bad thing because I can reread books over and over 🙂 So of course it’s time to reread! Thank you!

  47. Can’t wait to read this box they all sound great to read.It was hard to pick I would pick all of them.But I’ve picked Taming the Beast,The Covenant,Secret Thirst.Love reading your books .

  48. I could t find a way to vote, but if I could, it would be for Taming the Beast and Gypsy Moon. Both of these involve ‘supernatural “ chances and changes. Both victims….uh..heroines face options which could turn disastrous and horrible. Reminds me of the best Halloween stories.

  49. I voted for Secret thirst and taming the beast. They make me feel like their can be some nice twists and turns in them.

  50. Love all your books, and especially all the Kindred books…yep, them all. I have a hard time waiting for the next one to come out and when they do, they usually hit the top of my pile to read first. Glad you have opened your own bookstore!
    Picked 2 books I haven’t already read for Hallowe’en special.

  51. All the books look so good, it’s hard just to pick two 🙂

  52. Gypsy Moon is the only one I haven’t read yet.. 🙂

  53. I haven’t read any of these titles! But Taming the Beast and Gypsy Moon sound like my cup of tea! Secret Thirst sounds good too. I’m excited to read the books that end up being released.

  54. I’ve read all of these but well worth reading again.I think I have all of her books.

  55. I chose Kristen’s Addiction and taming the beast can’t wait to read this set

  56. I chose The Covenant and Secret Thirst because I haven’t read either.

  57. Thanks so much for everyone who participated. The post above has been updated with the winners’ names. The winners also have been notified by email.
    If you are a winner of a store voucher and you didn’t receive your voucher code by email, let me know. I’m happy to resend it.
    If you won a copy of the box set, ONE HOT HALLOWEEN, you’ll receive your copy on October 20.
    Thanks again and congrats to all the winners!

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