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Exclusive Pre-Release: HANDLING THE HYBRID

Handling the HybridKindred Tales, Book 16

A fledgling Mistress given a huge Kindred Hybrid to tame
Strikes a sexy bargain with her new slave
Anything she does to him, he gets to do right back to her
Will Tandy survive after…Handing the Hybrid?

Too much to handle…

Tandy has a big problem. She stands to inherit a huge estate and the title of her late aunt but in order to prove herself worthy of the exulted position and the money that comes with it, Tandy must train her first slave. And the slave she is given to train is huge—a muscular Hybrid Kindred with rage dancing in his mismatched eyes and fangs long enough to tear her throat out. How can she possibly subdue such a massive male without losing her life? Then Tandy has an idea—in the dead of night she steals down to her new slave’s cell to offer him a deal.


Vrox is enraged to be stuck in this situation. Captured by accident, he is determined to kill whoever tries to enslave him and escape at the first opportunity. But then the curvy little female who bought him offers him a deal—if he will pretend that she has mastered him, she will give him his freedom along with a generous settlement. Vrox is intrigued by the deal but he puts his own spin on the bargain. Whatever Tandy does to him by day to prove that she is a true Mistress, he is allowed to do to her by night, in the privacy of her quarters—including any kind of sexual punishment or mastery.

Feeling she has no choice, Tandy agrees to the huge Hybrid’s terms—never expecting to lose her heart. She thinks Vrox cares for her too, but when the huge Kindred escapes and she is left to face the consequences of their deception alone, she fears that her life is over. Will she survive after…Handling the Hybrid?


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Exclusive Pre-Release: Hitting the Target

Hitting the Target

A girl sent to kill the one she is dreaming of
Her target? A Kindred warrior with a beast inside
Can Mia complete her mission?
Or is Trey Hitting the Target when he aims for her heart?

Ormyu Five is the world divided in two.

To the north, a police state ruled by the heavy hand of The EYE, which spies on its people constantly and keeps iron control over their lives.

To the South lies Bountiful, a country of free thinkers bustling with trade and blessed with balmy weather. But those from the Northern Block never get to experience its temperate climate for the two halves of Ormyu Five are divided by an impenetrable wall of blue energy called the Great Barrier.

Mia lives in the North and can’t remember a time when she wasn’t looking over her shoulder. Everyone spies on everyone else and reports to The EYE. It is a land of paranoia—a place of constant fear. Even Mia herself has been forced into the ranks of informants—she works as a nurse but also as a covert agent, reporting weekly to her Commandant in The EYE’s headquarters for new assignments. Imagine her surprise and dismay when she recognizes her new target—a huge male with a mane of golden brown hair and pale piercing eyes—as the one she has been dreaming of for months.

Treygar is a rare Lei’on Kindred which means he keeps a hungry beast locked within himself. He came to Ormyu Five with his people, looking for a new genetic trade on the strangely divided planet. What he doesn’t expect is to start dream sharing with one of the inhabitants of the backwards world but that is exactly what happens. He wants to go and find the mysterious, curvy little female but before he can, he runs into her at the transport station.

Mia is scared to death of the huge Kindred warrior. She’s been dreaming of him for months but she assumed It was just that—a dream. Even worse, he is the target she had been sent to the South to track…and possibly to kill. Can she keep herself from falling for Trey and complete her mission? Or is the big Kindred aiming for her heart, Hitting the Target?


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Our Holiday Edition is LIVE!

Instructing the Novice


*The NAUGHTY TALES COLLECTION also includes PUTTING ON A SHOW as well as many other short(er) reads by Evangeline Anderson in one volume. One of them is the exclusive reissue of WILLING SUBMISSION.

Detectives Valenti and O’Brian return in THE ASSIGNMENT: HEART AND SOUL that includes the bonus story FIREWORKS.

NEW REISSUES from Evangeline’s Friends!

Liz Andrews, Lena Matthews & Maggie Casper

With Lena’s SEASON OF LOVE you learn to master the seven principles of Kwanzaa.

For some magic in form of baked goods, check out Liz’s book SUGAR & SPICE.

Maggie revisits the McCain siblings (you met Cash McCain in CHRISTMAS CASH) in ENOUGH LOVE FOR TWO. We hope you like ménage à trois with hot twin brothers.

Also available this month is Lena’s next installment in the Naughty Games series that started with SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN. I NEVER is scorchingly hot. This is a true ménage à trois (M/M/F and M/F/M).

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Have Yourself a Sexy Little Christmas

Have Yourself a Sexy Little ChristmasOur Christmas Edition is live!

  • HAVE YOURSELF A SEXY LITTLE CHRISTMAS including KIDNAPPED FOR CHRISTMAS, COUGAR CHRISTMAS and SEASON’S SPANKINGS, another reissue that is currently only available as part of this exclusive collection.
  • For M/M readers we finally bring back THE ASSIGNMENT PLUS BONUS STORY I’LL BE HOT FOR CHRISTMAS. It’s a 2-for-1 special edition. 🙂

Evangeline’s friends, Liz Andrews, Lena Matthews, and for the first time Maggie Casper have also got a bunch of exclusive re-releases for you.
Maggie’s CHRISTMAS CASH is the first book in the Raising Cains (— a Texas honky-tonk run by the McCain siblings) series . Book two, ENOUGH LOVE FOR TWO, will release December 25 at Aliens & Alphas.
Lena’s SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN is not a Christmas tale but it’s all about receiving gifts (and second chances) you’ll never forget (— book two in this series called Naughty Games will also release December 25).
And in Liz’s SEXY SECRET SANTA Josh knows what he wants for Christmas and it’s Molly, the voluptuous beauty who works for him. The company Secret Santa gift exchange will be his opportunity to find out if she’s been naughty or nice. 😉

Finally we have also got three books on sale for $0.99 all through Cyber Monday.

  • HEALING THE BROKEN, a Kindred Christmas Tale
  • The second is COUGAR CHRISTMAS, an Older Woman/Younger Man Contemporary Holiday Romance, that is also included in our Christmas anthology HAVE YOURSELF A SEXY LITTLE CHRISTMAS.
  • And last but not least is ANYONE U WANT.
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We’ve got so many books for you this month!

Sharing a MateI bet you all are waiting for the exclusive pre-release of SHARING A MATE. 😉 It is LIVE NOW at Aliens & Alphas.

Next we have a special release titled BOUND AND DETERMINED that includes the re-releases of Evangeline’s The Punishment of Nicollett and Lena Matthew’s His Ward. Although there are no blood ties between the hero and heroine in these stories, there are family ties in the first and a guardian/ward relationship in the latter. But most of all the heroines have to work for their HEA. It takes some time to break an alpha’s control and unleash his passion…

Shadow of Moonlight The other exclusive reissues are SHADOW OF MOONLIGHT (the second book in the Moonlight series by Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews) and Evangeline’s PICTURE PERFECT that will also be available in audio soon!

PICTURE PERFECT explores like FULL EXPOSURE the idea how sexy a photo shooting can be, except this time there are other people watching. Oh, my! If you don’t know if you like this kind of naughty exhibitionism, we’ll offer the short story, CONFESSIONS OF A LINGERIE MODEL, for free until Nov 23.

Forbidden Mate by Opal Carew The other freebies this month are THE OFFICE SLAVE and TEMPTING THE BOSS by New York Times bestselling author Opal Carew who joins the author ranks at Aliens & Alphas.

For all who need more books about hunky Aliens and heir human mates, check out the first three books in Opal’s Abducted series: FORBIDDEN MATE, UNWILLING MATE and REBEL MATE.

And last but not least we have three Kindred Tales box sets for you (VOL. 1 (Books 1-3), VOL. 2 (Books 4-6) and VOL. 3 (Books 7-9)) as well as a special weekend sale. THE INSTITUTE: DADDY ISSUES is available for only $0.99 until November 5. Hurry before the price goes up again.

That’s it! We hope you like our latest additions to the store.
Our next release day is NOVEMBER 24, 2018. It will bring you the re-release of KIDNAPPED FOR CHRISTMAS, and a lot of other Christmas books just in time for the holiday season.

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Our Halloween edition is live!

One Hot HalloweenThanks again to all who voted for the books to be included in our Halloween collection, ONE HOT HALLOWEEN, alongside RED AND THE WOLF. The books with the most votes were GYPSY MOON and TAMING THE BEAST.
And for M/M readers we have reissued THE LAST BITE, a Werewolf / Demon-slayer Romance.
We hope you enjoy these paranormal treats.

Be Careful What You Wish ForAlso available is the exclusive pre-release of BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR (The Swann Sister Chronicles #2). It will be available from Amazon & co. on October 27, but here at Aliens & Alphas you get it one week early! Yay!

And last but not least Evangeline’s friends are joining our line-up of new releases today: Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews. They have each a Contemporary Halloween book for you (Liz’s HANKIE PANKIE and Lena’s WHEN ANGELS FALL) as well as the first book in their paranormal Moonlight series, MYTH OF MOONLIGHT. Myth of MoonlightI absolutely love the world building and the secondary characters (Remy!). These three are exclusive re-releases not available anywhere else right now. If you haven’t had a chance to read them in the past, don’t miss them now.

On sale for the weekend only is PLANET X. And if you haven’t joined the A&A VIP list yet, sign-up for it today and get THE SACRIFICE for free!

P.S.: Our next release date is November 3, 2018 and it will bring you more aliens after all the shifters and witches this time. 🙂

Happy Halloween

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Our October 5 Releases

Here’s the rest of our line-up for our October 5 Release Day. You already know that RELEASING THE DRAGON will make an appearance as exclusive pre-release. And now we tell you what else awaits you. We hope you like. 🙂


Accidental Abduction by Eve LanglaisAlien Abduction, Book One

Big, bad and purple.

It was supposed to be a simple job. Grab some specimens from Earth and sell them on the interstellar black markets. In and out, with no one the wiser, except Tren accidentally abducts a human.

A barbaric female, who doesn’t know how to be quiet and obey. That will affect her selling price especially since she only possesses two breasts, and a single mouth. Yet, in spite of her shortcomings there is something about her spitfire nature that intrigues him.

Maybe he should keep her. He’s definitely not keen on getting rid of her after he seduces her.

A space pirate doesn’t usually fall in love, but when an enemy decides to take Megan, Tren realizes he will do anything to get her back.

Evangeline writing with Lena Matthews

Full ExposureExclusive Release (Reissue)

Keeley Jackson has a problem. She’s madly in love with her cousin’s friend Sean Hastings, but the trouble is, he doesn’t know she exists. All he sees is the flat-chested little girl with the big glasses whom he always called “Squints.”

Despite what she might think, Sean has definitely noticed Keeley is all grown up. The proof is right there every time he looks her way. He’s just not sure if he’s willing to risk losing his best friend in order to have her.

For Keeley, enough is enough. With the help of her best friend, she cooks up a plan that will surely show Sean she’s not a little girl any longer, even if that means posing suggestively for erotic photographs. It’s a risky venture, but Keeley knows in order to get Sean for herself she will have to risk nothing less than full exposure.


Forever BrokenExclusive Release (Reissue)

As second wolf in the Lunas Locas pack, Paul Kraskowski has power and prestige. He also has a dark secret, one he hides and won’t admit even to himself — until the night he meets Laurent.

Born to one of the oldest families of his kind, Laurent Montcrieve is vampire royalty. He stands to inherit massive wealth and the title Viscount of the Blood. But he would give it all up to find the one man who can complete him — his Coeur de Sang, or Heart’s Blood.

Two worlds collide when Laurent and Paul meet and form an accidental blood bond. But the instant spark between them ignites a raging bonfire of conflict. Their people are enemies who would rather see them dead than together and Paul refuses to admit his attraction to another man. Now the clock is ticking as they agree to explore what lies between them. Their search may end in true love or death. But they must be careful…for if they sever the tie that binds them, the bond they share will be forever broken.


Dangerous CravingsExclusive Release (Reissue)

Some people need to be tied down to feel free. Tampa homicide detective Alex Reed is one of those people. On the job she is fiercely intelligent and tougher than any of the men in her department, handling her high-stress job with ease. Off duty, however, she explores her darker side through her highly erotic novels of bondage and submission. She hides her shameful desires behind a pen name, Victoria Tarlatan, and no one has any idea of her longings to be sexually dominated.

Detective Cole Berkley is Alex’s longtime partner and best friend. They have seen each other through her father’s suicide and Cole’s own devastating divorce when his wife left him. When things get tough on the street, Cole knows he can always trust Alex to get his back. What he doesn’t know is anything about her secret hunger to be mastered, but he’s about to find out.

Somewhere in Tampa’s urban sprawl a serial killer is working his dark magic, transforming wicked women into works of erotic art. The killer’s MO is always the same—his hapless victims are found tied to the bed in classic bondage poses, strangled and tortured in unspeakable ways.

In order to crack the case, Alex and Cole will have to go undercover in the BDSM community, posing as Master and slave, Dominant and submissive. But can Alex hold on to her secret while being forced to play out her most private fantasies with her partner? And can Cole handle the change in his tough-as-nails partner from one of the guys to a woman with deeply erotic needs?

The friction between them will soon be the least of their worries. Because the killer has a list of intended victims, women who must be punished for daring to share their fantasies with the rest of the world. And the name Victoria Tarlatan is on it, making Alex next in line for the killer’s transformation.

Will she pay for her Dangerous Cravings with her life?


The SwitchExclusive Release (Reissue)

It’s been a year since detectives Cole and Alex solved the BDSM serial murder spree that was going on in the seamy Tampa streets. In that time they’ve become much more than partners and best friends.

They are lovers—Dominant and submissive. Alex willingly submits to her master’s hand and Cole has learned to give her both the pain and pleasure that she needs. But now Alex wants to crack the whip for a change, and Cole’s not sure he’s willing to take it lying down.


Alien Mate Index Volume OneExclusive Box-Set Pre-Release

Contains Abducted, Protected, Descended and Severed all in one Volume

My name is Zoe McKinley. I have a boring life, an awful job, and a boss that throws staplers at my head. What could be worse?
How about being abducted by Aliens?

Grav N’gol is many things. Murderer…ex-con…Alien half-breed…
And a Protector.
More than just a bodyguard, a Protector chooses a female to ward for life and swears an oath to die for her if necessary.
Enter Leah Roth. The luscious little Earth female is supposed to be just a quick surveillance gig for Grav. He’ll check on her and report back that she’s okay—it should be easy.
Only she’s not OK…

Unswerving Loyalty, Unquestioning Devotion, Unremitting Obedience. This is the vow of the Imperial Guard for his mistress, the Goddess-Empress.
Nobody said anything about Love.

Rylee Hale is having a hard time. As a new business owner just starting out on her own, she’s struggling to attract new clients to her paralegal business.
Then she attracts two that are way more than she can handle…
Two muscular Alien Males whose bond needs to be Severed buy Rylee from the Alien Mate Index. Adventure, Sex, Angst and Hot Menage Action ensues…

P.S.: PURITY will be on sale for $.99 October 5/6.

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Available October 5, 2018: RELEASING THE DRAGON (Exclusive Pre-Release)

Releasing the Dragon

A girl with a painful past
A warrior with a Dark Half—the Drake locked inside him.
When they come together and the Drake freed,
Will it draw them closer together…
Or kill them both?
You’ll have to read Releasing the Dragon to find out…

Back in high school, Annie Michaels was an outcast. Too short and plump with frizzy red hair, glasses, and braces, she was the poster child for unpopular. But now, ten years later, things have changed. Annie is still plus-sized but she’s ditched the glasses and braces and pays to have her hair straightened. She just wants to go to her high school reunion in peace and try to hook up with her old crush—the elusive Christian Wentworth.

Too bad a tall, dark Kindred warrior has other ideas for her.

Drugair of the Drake Kindred is annoyed when he starts Dream-Sharing with the luscious little redhead. He doesn’t have time to call a bride and besides, as a member of the Kindred Elite Espionage Corps, his job is too difficult and dangerous to complicate matters with a helpless Earth female. It also doesn’t help that he has a Darker Side—the Drake who lives inside him wants to claim Annie as theirs but Dru does everything he can to suppress it’s fiery desires. He tries to ignore the dreams and finds he can’t…he has to go to Annie.

But just because she’s been dreaming of Dru doesn’t mean Annie’s willing to drop everything and be his bride. It’s only after he rescues her from the reunion gone wrong that she begins to feel for him—enough that she stows away on his ship and gets caught up in his latest mission, tracking a terrorist to the Shadow Palace in the Maw Cluster millions of light years away.

While in the Shadow Palace, Annie has to pose as Dru’s x’aan-chow or “sex pet.” This new twist in their relationship brings them closer together but when Annie is threatened, Dru’s Darker Half takes over. When the Drake comes out, will it bring them closer together? Or will they both die as a result?

You’ll have to read Releasing the Dragon to find out…

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Can Aliens & Alphas Kindle books be shared on multiple devices?

Hi! Frauke, your friendly Customer Support girl at Aliens & Alphas, here. 🙂

Popular support questions we receive at A&A are the following:

  • Can Aliens & Alphas Kindle books be shared on multiple devices?
  • Can I have an Aliens & Alphas Kindle book on more than one device?
  • Where can I find my Aliens & Alphas Kindle book? It’s not in the library?
  • Why is my downloaded Aliens & Alphas book not syncing to my other devices?

So I thought it may be good to answer them here publicly, with screenshots and step-by-step instructions attached. I hope this post will help you.

You can download a book to more than one Kindle or Kindle app. As long as you are downloading the book on the same IP address, BookFunnel won’t stop you.

If you encounter a “download limit reached” message, it is because your private download link has reached its limit. That link is able to download to up to 2 different IP addresses before it becomes “redeemed”.

But maybe you are like me. I use three devices (my Kindle, my iPad and my Mac) to read books. Sometimes even my iPhone, too. Fortunately, books purchased from Amazon Kindle, sync automatically to all my devices. But what about Kindle books purchased at A&A?

First, if  you want to download your books to multiple devices over multiple IP addresses and you get the “redeemed” message, contact me at shop @ (w/o spaces) or help @ (w/o spaces) so they can reset your link.

However, there are other ways to solve this problem. In short all you have to do is to add your books to the Kindle library so they can be delivered automatically to all your devices.

IMPORTANT: I’m not talking about the library on any of your devices here, but the “main” Kindle library you can view when you visit your Amazon account.

Here’s the long answer how you can send books to your “main” Kindle library so you can access it on all your Kindle readers and other devices that have the Kindle app installed.

Configure Delivery Settings at Amazon

Step 1: Log into your Amazon account. (Mine, although I’m German, is at

Step 2: Signed in, choose “Your Content & Devices” from the drop-down menu for your account.

Amazon Account: Your Content and Devices

Step 3: On the “My Content & Devices” page choose the “Preferences” tab:

Amazon Account: Preferences

Step 4: Scroll down the page until you see “Personal Document Settings”.

Personal Document Settings

Step 5: Click the header “Personal Document Settings” to expand this section.

Here you have to check three things.

Step 5.1: Make sure “Personal Document Archiving” is ENABLED.

Personal Document Archiving

Step 5.2: Make sure your email address is correctly listed under the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List”. If it is not there, make sure to add it.

Approved Personal Document E-mail List

Step 5.3: Make sure all your Kindle reading devices are listed under “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings”.

Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings

Step 5.4: You will see email addresses listed besides your devices. Write one down. It doesn’t really matter which one, you only need one of them.

Download Book from BookFunnel

If you download your book from BookFunnel, you’ll be asked “What do you like to read on?” and get the following selection to choose from:

What do you like to read on?

Step 6: Choose any of the choices listed except for Kobo or Nook readers. We need for Kindle a MOBI file, that’s Kindle’s format for ebooks. And Kobo as well as Nook use EPUB as ebook format.

Step 7: Depending on what you chose, you’ll see another selection next or simply a form to have the book emailed to you (see screenshots below).

Download Your Book

Which Kindle Do You Have?

IMPORTANT: Choose the option EMAIL MY BOOK and select MOBI (for Kindles) as format. To make it as simple as possible send the book to the email address you added on Amazon to the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List”.

Email Your Book

Email Book to Amazon

Step 8: An email from BookFunnel should show up in your inbox shortly. It has got the subject “We’ve attached your MOBI of “Your Book”. Attached to it is the MOBI file. Now simply forward this email to one of the Kindle devices listed under “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings”. I asked you to write down one of the email addresses here earlier (Step 5.4).

We are taking here advantage of Amazon’s “Send to Kindle by E-mail” feature.

Instead of sending the book by email, you can, if you are on your computer, also download the mobi file to your files and then use Amazon’s FREE “Send to Kindle” software to add it to your Kindle library: Download for MAC | Download for PC.

Synch Book to all your Devices

Step 9: It can take a moment for the book your send to Kindle by email to appear in your Kindle library. To check if it’s there, sign in to your Amazon account, go again to “Your Content & Devices” page. There choose the “Content” tab:

Amazon Account: Content

IMPORTANT: Book send to Kindle by you (instead of purchased at Amazon) are not listed under “Books” but “Docs”. So make sure you are viewing the “Docs” list.


Your book should be listed there.

KIndle Docs

Step 10: Select your book and click the DELIVER button:

Deliver Button

Step 11: Select the devices you want the book to be added to and click the DELIVER button:

Deliver Book

Step 12: That’s it. The book should have been added to all your devices now. Just remember it will show up under DOCS.

Docs Menu (iPhone Kindle App)

Happy Reading!