Bonded by Accident

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Alien Warrior Science Fiction Romance

Published: September 8, 2018
Words: 51,767
Language: English

A hybrid warrior, born of both worlds, belonging to none
Seeking to end his sexual torment without breaking a vow
A girl from Earth with an itch to scratch
Looking for no-strings-attached sex
But when you make love with a Kindred, things get complicated
What are Brandi and Slade going to do now that they are…
Bonded by Accident?


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Slade is an ex-slave, an ex-con, and a widower who has made a vow never to love another woman since his mate died tragically. But after his escape from BleakHall Prison, he finds he has a desperate need for female companionship. How to scratch his itch without breaking his vow? Easy—visit the Pairing Puppets aboard the Mother Ship—female-looking androids without emotions that help unmated Kindred males relieve their urges until they can find mates.

Brandi Dixon is a single mom with a difficult life. She and her daughter live in a double-wide trailer in small-town rural Florida. Brandi longs for a man but she’s picky and doesn’t want to bring home a string of “temporary daddies” for her daughter like her mom did to her when she was growing up. Then her cousin wins tickets to tour the Kindred Mother Ship and tells Brandi there’s a place where she can have hot, no-strings-attached sex with a Kindred warrior. Brandi wouldn’t normally do such a thing but she’s desperate—it’s been a three year dry spell and she needs a man—even if it’s only for a single night.

Posing as a Pairing Puppet, she gets picked by Slade for a night of passion. But imagine her surprise when, after the best sex of her life, she hears the big Kindred’s growling voice inside her head!

Now Brandi is freaking out and Slade is pissed off that he broke his vow. Yet neither of them can deny the animal attraction that keeps drawing them together. When Brandi’s daughter, Emmie, gets herself into terrible danger, Slade is the only one who can help. Will Brandi let the huge Kindred warrior into her life?

You’ll have to read Bonded by Accident to find out!

10 reviews for Bonded by Accident

  1. kjunnurs69 (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite Kindred book. Who would have thought the Beast from Imprisoned could be such a romantic guy?! I’m so thrilled to have been w/ Evangeline since the beginning of the Kindred series and her writing has just gotten so much better w/ time. Slade and Brandi are bonded accidentally when Slade visited the Pairing Puppets for some sexual relief.

  2. paparazzibyj (verified owner)

    Slade and Brandi are, you guessed it, bonded by accident when Slade heads to ease 6 years of celibate suffering at the Motherships paring puppet house. Image his surprise when he all of a sudden can hear the thoughts of the gorgeous Elite he’s just sank his teeth into.

    Brandi freaks when Slade’s angry thoughts drown out her own postcoital bliss. But she has way to many things to focus on then the giant Kindred, like taking care of her daughter and keeping out of reach of her handsy boss. So she hightails it off the mothership as fast as she can. But apparently, this bond thingy is for life and before long, Slade follows his nose right to her.

    I absolutely loved this book. Seeing Beast in this new light was wonderful. He’s really this giant softy, who’s the normal protective Kindred while also having this need to be loved. He in my opinion was the star of this book, very closely followed by Emmie. Who was absolutely adorable. She’s the normal naive and pure child that is impossible not to adore, but super trusting when trust is deserved. She follows her heart and when she said “follow up the river” my heart both melted and went into overdrive with the characters.

    Moral of the story: this was everything you’ve come to expect from Evangeline and more. You should read all the things she writes. 😍

  3. Allecia (verified owner)

    This was a DELIGHTFUL book! Full of emotion and heart! I try not to write reviews that give plot points away (and BOY is it hard to do!) but I think everyone already knows the premise. But this book really is filled with TONS of heart and shows how deeply Slade feels and *wants* to feel! It’s a truly lovely story that I enjoyed! I was super sad when it was over! I wasn’t done hanging out with them, lol.

    I am truly amazed at how Evangeline can continue to create characters that we feel deeply for that are always so different from previous ones. She is special and she wrote a special book! Especially after what Slade had been through. I wasn’t sure how he was going to be, and he was AWESOME!

    And, I absolutely LOVE the “Easter Eggs” she throws in there. (I don’t know what else to call them.) I’m sure some people will know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, well I don’t want to put you off. But I see them and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. *highfive* #soawesome

  4. number1sasha (verified owner)

    Love the series, can not wait to read more of the kindred books.

  5. Tracey.Slater30 (verified owner)

    Another great kindred tale I couldn’t put this book down I love how caring and passionate slade is with his mate and little emmie can’t wait for the next book.

  6. DreamSpell (verified owner)

    I was so happy to read Slade’s story. When we were first introduced to him I fell in love with him right away. I knew there was a story there but I knew he wasn’t going to be dangerous to those that I have grown to truly care about. I think one of my favorite parts about this story in general, was that we got to experience the link between bonded pairs and just what that truly means. Them being able to communicate throughout the story with their mental link is something that I have missed in the other books. I have been on this journey for a long time now and I think that each book just gets better than the last.

  7. Nicky (verified owner)

    Slade’s story has not 1 but 2 females to keep him on his toes. Brandi and her young daughter Emmi both dream share with the Kindred. However, Emmi’s dream sharing is different to her mothers, as a child she dream shares with the Kindred Goddess.
    Slade is everything Brandi doesn’t want, an excon, a murderer and violent, yet she can’t understand why her daughter is so drawn to him.
    Yet another wonderful story filled with twists and turn.

  8. SashaMay (verified owner)

    Like every other kindred book before it… awesome read! Fell in love with the characters right away and as always, the steamy bits are so hot! Loved how this one had a different twist with the accidental bonding too. All these books just draw me in, my only complaint is that I couldn’t put it down and it drives my hubby nuts when I get so sucked into these! 🙂 can’t wait for the next one!

  9. ptalbert (verified owner)

    I love the kindred books, just like the others before it draws you in, make you feel like your right there with them. Evangeline is truly a gifted writer her character seem so real some of the characters remind me of friends or myself; can’t put them down until I’ve read them cover to cover . This story was hilarious and sweet. Slade found his soulmate without looking or wanting and Brandy a strong independent woman got a man she could lean on. Great read.

  10. Lynn Moon (verified owner)

    Could have been better.

    Slade was amazing in “Imprisoned,” so I was really excited for this one. And maybe that’s why I felt it a bit lacking. Assuming you’ve read most of the series by the time you pick this one up, you know that the Kindred are just big muscular softies. So on some level, Slade was never going to be this hard excon man thing you’re expecting. But Slade’s actions, while understandable, could have had better delivery.

    Then Brandi is your should-be rootable and likable MC. Her experience is so true of a lot of women that I feel like I should root for her. But I couldn’t. But I could root for her daughter. And I think the daughter is the most believable character in this side story. You get your ending. You get your romance. But I don’t think it was one of the better ones of this series.

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