Brides of the Kindred Volume Five


Alien Warrior Science Fiction Romance

Series: Brides of the Kindred #14-16
Published: June 16, 2018
Words: 476,540
Language: English

Contains Enslaved, Targeted, and Forgotten all in one Volume


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Brides of the Kindred, Volume Five

including Enslaved, Targeted, and Forgotten

A warrior sold as a slave against his will…
Bought by a woman forbidden to love him
When passion flares, she grants him his freedom
But his heart has been forever…Enslaved.

A Kindred warrior turned assassin, sworn to kill his prey or die trying
A girl who lives a boring life on the outside yet hides a remarkable secret within
When Tragar recognizes Emily for what she is, he must make a choice.
Will he fulfill his mission and terminate her life? Or will he give his own to save her?
Emily Brooks has no idea she has been…Targeted

A warrior sworn to get his mate back or die trying
A woman under a curse which stole her love
Rone is determined to win back Kate’s heart
Even though he has been…Forgotten


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