Brides of the Kindred Volume Four


Alien Warrior Science Fiction Romance

Series: Brides of the Kindred #11-13
Published: June 16, 2018
Words: 408,190
Language: English

Contains Devoured, Enhanced, and Cursed all in one Volume


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Brides of the Kindred, Volume Four

including Devoured, Enhanced, and Cursed

A girl on the run from her past
A warrior trying to forestall the future
Can Tess help Garron contain the ravenous beast that lurks within him?
If not, she will surely be…Devoured

A frightened girl. running from her dreams of a dark warrior…
A warrior without emotions, determined not to feel.
But when their encounter forces him to face the darkness of his past will he go mad…
Or finally learn to love?
You’ll have to read Enhanced to find out.

A fierce warrior, forced to feel the agony of others
A girl with a past full of pain caused by his kind
When the two of them go undercover on a dangerous mission will they bond?
Or are they Cursed to be apart forever?


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