Ceremony of Three

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Paranormal Menage Romance

Published: September 8, 2018
(Originally published October 25, 2006)
Words: 24,644
Language: English


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When Elaina Stevens is viciously attacked by a rogue vampire, she survives only because another vampire intervenes. Rafe is a Night Dweller, sworn to protect humans from the ravages of his own kind, feared creatures known as Dark Wanderers. To protect Elaina, Rafe puts his mark on her and in the process brands her very soul. But Rafe’s vows forbid him to touch her again…no matter how much she wants him to.

Then Elaina discovers Thorn, the vampire who attacked her, wishes to repent for his past sins. But the process of bringing a Dark Wanderer back to the light requires a human host—someone willing to be filled with the essence of both vampires at the same time.

To be with the man she loves, Elaina is willing to do almost anything—even act as the host for her most feared enemy. She agrees to accept both Rafe and Thorn in a single night as the mysterious act of sex magick draws the rogue vampire from darkness into light, not knowing what will happen between vampires and human when the Ceremony of Three is over.

3 reviews for Ceremony of Three

  1. Allecia (verified owner)

    I had to look at the year this book was released before I made my review. 2006. I think my review is a bit colored by the fact my kindle said I still had like 57% of the book left when it ended! So I thought I would get a bit of happily ever after I guess? But the sudden end to the story left me kind of breathless. But maybe it was because this is a re-release and they were shorter back then?

    However, it was a very interesting, erotic, lusty, long, drawn-out scene of sexy-time though! It was fabulous about that! A LOT of tenderness and consent. All of that was wonderful. (Sooooo wonderful!)

    So if you want a great love scene, then this is a fantastic story. If you want an actual story? It is a little light. But it is Evangeline (from 2006) so it is still really well done. Just kind of light on the story and heavy on the good stuff.

    Which was great! Don’t get me wrong! I just wish my Kindle hadn’t lied to me and told me I was only half way done when the book was over. I think that set my expectations unjustly for this lovely story. (Ugh, sorry I’ve said that word too much, but I don’t know what else to call it! Novella? I don’t know the literary definitions, lol!)

    Anyway, I loved this, it just felt a bit abrupt is all. So if you are anything like me and pay attention to what % of the book you are finished. Ignore that for this book! Just enjoy the ride. Because it was *very* enjoyable. 😉

  2. cathies362 (verified owner)

    Evangeline presents a very interesting delima…how would you feel about the attacker who changed your life? Wouldn’t most of us be up for revenge if given the opportunity. How would you feel about the one who saved your life? Grateful? Is that all? Throw in how hot this good guy is, how sexy.

    This novella ponders those questions and presents one possible outcome. When you put yourself in this same situation, would you act as the heroine does?

    Erotic? You betcha! This was written by EA, after all. Believable characters caught up in a fast-paced plot raced to the ending. Take a deep breath and plunge right in. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Tracey.Slater30 (verified owner)

    Great story story of 2 vampires and a human female. Can they all do what must be done will they complete the ceremony. You definitely have to check this book out it’s full of hot steamy moments and a nice happy ending.

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