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Fantasy Romance

Published: September 8, 2018
(Originally published September 2, 2009)
Words: 33,888
Language: English


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Every millennium the most innocent angel in all of Heaven is sacrificed to the most evil demon in Hell. Elandra is this angel. Though she fears for her life and her virtue, she never dreams that she will find true love in Hell.

Raziel is half-demon, brought up by his powerful father to take control of the underworld. But when Elandra is presented to him, he can’t bring himself to hurt her. Instead he lets her go.

Back in Heaven, Elandra can’t forget the beautiful demon with the blazing eyes. Raziel’s touch has started a fire in her soul and though she knows it is forbidden, she can’t help wishing to see him again. Their love must be a secret, but Elandra’s pure beauty incites the demonic half of Raziel’s nature. Can a demon love an angel without hurting her? For if Raziel is unable to keep his lust in check, Elandra will be cast out of Heaven for being…Defiled.

2 reviews for Defiled

  1. cathies362 (verified owner)

    What a great read! I must admit this one had so much more angst and hotness that I couldn’t put it down. The characters were absolutely not two-dimentional, even though the settings were polar opposites. This one was like a multi-tiered cake with various fillings between each layer, all dripping with chocolate ganache.

    Yummy. Hot. Erotic. As I neared the end, I was fearful I wasn’t going to get the ending I wanted. Terrific! I’m so glad I found it here because it’s definitely a keeper.

  2. Tracey.Slater30 (verified owner)

    Raziel and Elandra had an excellent connection with each other. The story plot being Angels and demon was done great in this short story we see two opposites attracts and that not everything is what is seems great exotic love scene definitely a Page Turner . I really enjoyed the book.

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