Gypsy Moon

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Paranormal Shifter Romance

Published: October 20, 2018
(Originally published August 15, 2005)
Words: 77,231
Language: English


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Alissa O’Malley is having a rough twenty-fifth birthday. She get an eviction notice on her apartment, gets into a car wreck and loses her job, all on the same day. But as bad as her life is, it’s only going to get worse. At a mortifying birthday dinner with her politically incorrect Grandmother, she gets bitten by a hyperactive Pomeranian that’s been ‘infected’ by a run-in with a wolf. That’s when things really start to gets weird. Alissa’s normally straight and lifeless hair starts curling, her eyes change color and she develops a taste for raw meat. Strangest of all are the reoccurring dreams of a tall, dark man with a scarred face who is chained to a wall with silver manacles. He tells her that he is her heart-mate and he will be coming for her soon. Before she knows it, Alissa is involved in a life and death struggle involving werewolves, witches, generational curses, magical silver earrings, and a hot sexual biting ceremony that will bind her to the man of her dreams and his strange life forever.
Can she handle the strain of becoming a completely different person? Or will her life change forever after she spends one night under the Gypsy Moon?

1 review for Gypsy Moon

  1. Tracey.Slater30 (verified owner)

    This book was super fun to read I love the whole how Alissa got bitten and she starts experiencing strange things. Awesome story plot great shifter romance. Good love scene.

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