Instructing the Novice

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Alien Warrior Sci-Fi Romance (Older Woman / Younger Man)

**This is a Kindred Tales PLUS novel — over 95,000 words long**

Warning: Please be aware that there is a scene in this book that readers who have suffered attacks or abuse may find triggering. Please read with caution. (PS—I promise it all turns out okay in the end! ❤️ Evangeline)

Published: December 25, 2018
Words: 97,374
Language: English

A successful older woman determined to forgo love
A younger warrior who desires her desperately
When the two of them are sent to the sinister Tower of the Higher Mind
Where Lizabeth is Mistress and Lone is her Novice
Will it bring them together… or tear them apart?
You’ll have to read Instructing the Novice to find out.


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**This is a Kindred Tales PLUS novel — over 95,000 words long**

Lizabeth Paige is mortified. Ever since a terrorist introduced the Xi-46 lust compound into the air ducts of the Mother Ship, she had been experiencing attacks of sexual needing that leave her helpless to resist her lustful urges. Much to her embarrassment, her assistant Lone helped her with the first attack, but she’s been managing on her own (though not very well) ever since. She feels drawn to Lone, but he’s much too young for her. Lizabeth tells herself it’s better if they keep their distance.

Lone has been in love with his boss from day one. As a Twin Kindred who lost his twin at birth, he doesn’t think he can call a mate but he wants Lizabeth with his whole heart. Helping her through her first needing attack was like a fantasy come true but now, for some reason, Lizabeth is trying to cut him out of her life. Desperate to bring her closer, he is elated when the Kindred High Council decides to send the two of them to The Tower of the Higher Mind for some extra training.

But there are dangers lurking at the Tower, which is located at the top of the Sacred Mountain. At its base live the Friezens—a tribe of savage, misogynistic natives who believe women are only useful for sexual-sacrifice. And in the Tower itself, some very strange customs hold sway. Lizabeth is now a “Mistress” and Lone must be her “Novice,” serving her in every possible way. Pulled between two extremes, will the terrors of the Tower draw them together…or kill them?

You’ll have to read Instructing the Novice to find out.

9 reviews for Instructing the Novice

  1. ls1990 (verified owner)

    Umm. Can we have a warning for the female genital mutilation themes? Also, wtf? Talk about a tone shift? It’s nice to be relevant to topics that matter, but this went TOO far and will be problematic for anyone who has experienced sexual assault, rape or abuse.

  2. lmdesantis8 (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised! Older female-younger male isn’t usually my thing because I am not in that stage of my life but I absolutely loved this! Lizabeth is the strong female character we all wish we were. While there are some dark themes, I felt they were done with class which is no easy feat. Definitely worth the read. Another fabulous addition to Evangeline’s collection.

  3. karymay62 (verified owner)

    This book shows that love truly know no boundaries and the with the right person you can make it through anything. I do agree that there should be a warning at the beginning of the description for those who have been in bad situations however. Can’t wait for the next book!

  4. kjunnurs69 (verified owner)

    I’m loving the more mature woman, stronger woman! I enjoy all my Kindred books. They are very entertaining. The themes of “nectar” and “empty” are becoming repetitive though. I know Evangeline can work some new sensations into this series. She is working her fingers to the bone putting out all these books!

  5. Tracey.Slater30 (verified owner)

    Lone and Lizabeth were great together. This is an older woman younger men theme to it. I felt that the journey these characters faces will leave you wanting to see how everything will play out. There is a fear that Lizabeth feels like she to old for Lone. But Lone knows what he wants and is determined to protect and show his lady that he loves her in all ways. Great story plot some kidnapping scene great love scene I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

  6. megan_g25 (verified owner)

    First, let me say that there IS a warning at the beginning of the book about a violent scene, so let no one pretend they weren’t warned and leave a bad review for an amazing story. This book was yet another amazing tale from Evangeline Anderson with her Kindred, but this time we saw a unique spin on romance with an older female and a younger male. I loved it! Evangeline’s books always build and escalate, they are never cheap and loveless, and as an avid romance reader I appreciate that! I can always count on a good story, and she hasn’t let me down yet!

  7. simpjenn (verified owner)

    As always I love all of Evangeline Anderson’s Kindred books. I really enjoyed the story of an older female and younger male. It was a wonderful story about finding oneself and finding love no matter your age.

  8. lolababs (verified owner)

    One constant with Evangeline Anderson’s books is that they always prompt emotions from me. This one definitely did!
    The theme of gender superiority was predominant, with female dominance in the Tower of the Higher Mind, and misogyny among the Friezens.
    It was rather intense having the vastly different cultures exist side by side…It brought to home how easy it can be to close our eyes to things that we choose not to see.

  9. Daydreamer02 (verified owner)

    Loved it! I enjoyed the storyline having an older, strong woman with a younger man.

    I knew from Evangeline’s warning that there was a chance that I wouldn’t complete this book but once I started reading I didn’t want to put the book down.

    Another amazing storyline with characters that I fell in love with and that kept me glued to my iPad.

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