Into Temptation


Light Paranormal I/R Valentine’s Day Romance

Published: February 14, 2019
(Originally published February 13, 2007)
Words: 24,491
Language: English


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Themed parties are never a good idea, especially when they incur the wrath of a God.

All Billie Fowler wanted to do was spend a little extra time with her office crush, Tomas Mendez. The notion that a small Anti-Valentine Day’s party might turn into the craziest night of her life never entered her mind, but then, she had never been on Cupid’s bad side before.

Tired of being cast in the role of just friends with Billie, Tomas couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend the day of love with the woman he’d fallen for. However, Tomas hadn’t counted on Cupid showing up and turning one misspoken wish into reality.

Now under a spell, Billie and Tomas are locked on a sensual roller coaster that’s been engineered by a sulking love deity who’s gone missing. Giving into temptation might be their only saving grace.but then again, so might love.


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