Kindred Tales Volume 1

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Alien Warrior Science Fiction Romance

Series: Kindred Tales #1-3
Published: November 3, 2018
Words: 136,497
Language: English

Contains Mastering the Mistress, Bonding with the Beast, and Seeing with the Heart in one volume.


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Kindred Tales, Volume One

including Mastering the Mistress, Bonding with the Beast, and Seeing with the Heart

Mastering the Mistress:
A warrior who has vowed never to take a bride
Is bought by a girl who needs a body slave…but has no idea what to do with him
Will Kaylee be able to tame the huge Havoc she bought at the Flesh Bazaar?
Or will Solar turn the tables and end up…Mastering the Mistress?

Bonding with the Beast:
A single mother afraid to take a chance on love…
A fierce warrior just learning how to feel…
When fate throws them together in the most intimate way possible
Will Isobel run from the Beast…or bond with him?

Seeing with the Heart:
A warrior with a tragic past who has scars on both his face…and his heart
A beautiful woman, blind from the age of sixteen.
When they meet, the attraction is sizzling but when Molly regains her sight, will Braxx turn away from her? Or can she convince him she isn’t looking with her eyes…but Seeing with her Heart?

1 review for Kindred Tales Volume 1

  1. Danea55 (verified owner)

    This is a boxed set that includes the first three ‘Kindred Tales’ which Mrs. Anderson’s way of writing within the Kindred universe, ABOUT Kindred warriors without the stories being about ‘brides’ and not absolutely having to add to the overarching story-line of the series. I might actually enjoy these offshoot tales even more than the brides tales, if I’m being honest. They certainly expand the universe!

    Mastering the Mistress
    I actually read this one some time ago, though I can’t for the life of me remember where it was that I did. I’m not usually into the particularly ‘kinky’ bondage books, so I hesitated on this one, but I’m happy I went ahead with it anyways. The master/slave bit is very real in the book, but it’s more about breaking away from the norm of it than about the bdsm in truth. I actually enjoyed Solar’s character because it was quite entertaining to watch him fight his instincts when it came to Kaylee. Kaylee, on the other hand, didn’t fight nearly as much and I was happy to see her get her happy ending.

    Bonding With The Beast
    Hail was a very interesting character in that for most of his life he was essentially and emotionless, almost mindless slave. Watching him learn to live and feel was a treat. His bonding with Brandon, Isobel’s son, was extremely sweet. Isobel turned out to be very accepting and open and that’s exactly what Hail needed. I was very happy to see these three get their happy ending.

    Seeing With The Heart
    Talk about a Beauty and the Beast retelling… This could totally fall under that heading. I loved that Molly was blind because it made for a very different situation for our characters. It was also necessary to help Braxx heal and move through his insecurities and heartache. They make a lovely couple. I really like the wold of Tal’os Trenta and it’s vibrant colors. Quite fun!

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