Naughty Tales: The Collection — Volume One

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Story Collection: Short Reads to Get You Hot and Bothered

This collection includes Putting on a Show, Willing Submission, The Institute: Daddy Issues, The Institute: Mishka’s Spanking, Confessions of a Lingerie Model, Sin Eater, Speeding Ticket, Stress Relief and When Mr. Black Comes Home.

Published: December 25, 2018
Words: 198,918
Language: English


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Putting on a Show

Brittany is a hard-working college girl who lives with her sexy step-brother Jake to make ends meet. But even working two jobs, she’s having a tough time. Then a mysterious man offers her and Jake an opportunity to earn extra cash by being in a study about step-siblings and exactly how close they are willing to get. Brittany already has a crush on her sexy step-brother but can she convince him to help her earn the money she needs by Putting on a Show?
You’ll have to read it to find out 😉

* * *

Willing Submission

Men are savage creatures. Or so Kira has learned, being raised in an all-female society. Little does she know that even though she has no interest in men, one man in particular has an interest in her.

Therik is the lord of the warlike race of barbarians. He knows of a prophesy concerning a woman with red hair and golden eyes, a woman he vows to bed.

Though she feels pleasure at his touch, Kira is determined to resist the barbarian lord. But even she cannot resist the magical silver and garnet collar he places around her neck. Now as he claims her body and soul she has to wonder if the collar is truly responsible or if she herself is to blame for her willing submission.

Also included:

The Institute: Daddy Issues
The Institute: Mishka’s Spanking
Confessions of a Lingerie Model
Sin Eater
Speeding Ticket
Stress Relief
When Mr. Black Comes Home

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  1. wapitiwoman42 (verified owner)

    Good short stories.

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