Releasing the Dragon

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Alien Warrior Science Fiction Romance

Published: October 5, 2018
Words: 72,151
Language: English

A girl with a painful past
A warrior with a Dark Half—the Drake locked inside him.
When they come together and the Drake freed,
Will it draw them closer together…
Or kill them both?
You’ll have to read Releasing the Dragon to find out…


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Back in high school, Annie Michaels was an outcast. Too short and plump with frizzy red hair, glasses, and braces, she was the poster child for unpopular. But now, ten years later, things have changed. Annie is still plus-sized but she’s ditched the glasses and braces and pays to have her hair straightened. She just wants to go to her high school reunion in peace and try to hook up with her old crush—the elusive Christian Wentworth.

Too bad a tall, dark Kindred warrior has other ideas for her.

Drugair of the Drake Kindred is annoyed when he starts Dream-Sharing with the luscious little redhead. He doesn’t have time to call a bride and besides, as a member of the Kindred Elite Espionage Corps, his job is too difficult and dangerous to complicate matters with a helpless Earth female. It also doesn’t help that he has a Darker Side—the Drake who lives inside him wants to claim Annie as theirs but Dru does everything he can to suppress it’s fiery desires. He tries to ignore the dreams and finds he can’t…he has to go to Annie.

But just because she’s been dreaming of Dru doesn’t mean Annie’s willing to drop everything and be his bride. It’s only after he rescues her from the reunion gone wrong that she begins to feel for him—enough that she stows away on his ship and gets caught up in his latest mission, tracking a terrorist to the Shadow Palace in the Maw Cluster millions of light years away.

While in the Shadow Palace, Annie has to pose as Dru’s x’aan-chow or “sex pet.” This new twist in their relationship brings them closer together but when Annie is threatened, Dru’s Darker Half takes over. When the Drake comes out, will it bring them closer together? Or will they both die as a result?

You’ll have to read Releasing the Dragon to find out…

5 reviews for Releasing the Dragon

  1. wastedlizard (verified owner)

    Dear Evangeline, Just finished Releasing the Dragon it was phenomenal,. Would like to,see Drumand Annie return to the Dragair world and change the mind set about the males drakes. I couldn’t put it down once Imstarted to,read. Keep writing so we can keep reading, DebbievHogue

  2. celyna.coker (verified owner)

    I read this the day it came out. Nice length for the $3. It was a nice story. I give it a 3.5. Annie is not my favorite main character. I feel like the main characters as of late could be better. There is “flawed because they are human” and thus the character is relatable. Then there is “flawed because they are annoying” and I do not want to root for you. For me, but maybe not others, the main character falls into the latter category. But I like Dru. Dru is flawed in a more relatable way. And to me, his actions make sense. Annie’s don’t except that you know the writer wants the plot to go in a specific direction. Basically, Annie feels like she’s a puppet being forced and her actions do not seem natural.

    I don’t regret buying it. I don’t regret reading it. But it could be better. And it almost feels like her books started to lose some oomph after Kindred 22.

    Potentially Spoileresque Review Point here:

    Finally, the Goddess went from being nicely distant and this powerful being who only steps in, in certain situations, to what feels like her own permanent story character whose voice must always be heard. It dims the wonder of her and now I mostly roll my eyes when she appears.

  3. kisstokis (verified owner)

    I love this series!
    I liked Annie. I liked that it didn’t take the world ending or the book ending for Annie to acknowledge her feelings and she was open to getting to know Dru. I really loved Dru’s Drake.
    I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

  4. philandnichole (verified owner)

    As always a good read!
    Annie was a bit difficult for me to warm up to at first. She seemed too smart to be quite so self denied.
    However I really liked the dynamic between she and Dru.
    Keep it going! Loved the ideas put forth at the end. 😄

  5. Daydreamer02 (verified owner)

    i loved it! I am always looking for books with dragons so I was thrilled that Evangeline gave us Dru to fall in love with.

    This is a series I can’t put down, please keep them coming!

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