Ruby Shadows — Part 1: Descent into Hell


Paranormal Witch Demon I/R Romance

Series: Born to Darkness #3.1
Published: March 31, 2016
Language: English

PLEASE NOTE: Ruby Shadows is available as complete novel and as a serialized novel in five parts. The price for the book will be the same in the end, no matter if you purchase the complete novel or all five parts of the serialized version. You can choose whatever you prefer.


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Born to Darkness, Book 3 – Part 1

When you’re dealing with demons, nothing is for free.
Believe me—I found that out the hard way. My name is Gwendolyn LaRoux and I’m a witch.

I didn’t mean to do black magic, and I certainly didn’t mean to leave a door into the blackest part of Hell cracked open when I did it. But somehow it happened and a creature of darkness slipped into our world. Now it’s hunting my loved ones and I have no choice but to journey to Hell and close the door myself…with a little help.

Laish is a minor demon—or so he says—that seems to be obsessed with me. Tall, dark, and way too hot to handle, I wish I could tell him to get lost. Unfortunately, he’s the only one who’s willing to help me in my quest. He’s promised to serve as my bodyguard on my trip through Hell…for a price.

The problem is, I don’t know if I can afford to pay what he’s asking…


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