Scarlet Heat — Part 1: Blood-Bonded


Paranormal Werewolf Vampire Romance

Series: Born to Darkness #2.1
Published: March 2, 2016
Language: English

PLEASE NOTE: Scarlet Heat is available as complete novel and as a serialized novel in four parts. The price for the book will be the same in the end, no matter if you purchase the complete novel or all four parts of the serialized version. You can choose whatever you prefer.


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Born to Darkness, Book 2 – Part 1

Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m a vampire…

Oh God, that sounds like an introduction at a twelve step program to get over some kind of awful addiction, doesn’t it? But the only addiction I have is to blood—I can’t live without it. And vampirism isn’t something you can get over by going to weekly meetings—or at all, for that matter.

I was turned to a vamp against my will by the sadistic 3-star vamp, Celeste. For years she held me in bondage, torturing me and making me do awful things. Finally my best friend, Addison found a way to save me but in order to do it she had to marry me off…to a werewolf named Victor.

* * *

Victor here. Yeah, I’m a were and I’m a lone wolf. That means I live life on my own terms and I don’t need to be tied down by some fake marriage with a freaking vamp.

But even though vamps and weres hate each other, there’s something about Taylor. She’s not like any other vamp I’ve ever met. And…she smells like pack. That’s not all I smell on her though. It ought to be impossible for a vampire but…I think she’s going into HEAT.

Her new sweet scent is driving me crazy and bringing out the Beast in me—not in a good way. Can I save her from the Scarlet Heat while protecting her from the curse that lives inside me? I don’t know…


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