Sex With Strangers


Paranormal Ménage (MFM) Romance

Published: January 26, 2019
(Originally published February 11, 2009)
Words: 25,093
Language: English


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Lissa is an unwilling porn star. In order to pay off her uncle’s gambling debt she is forced to perform for X-rated webcasts. Touching herself for an Internet audience is awful but what Lissa really fears is that Adam and Cal will find out.

Adam and Cal are two ordinary guys—for werewolves anyway. They’ve been a bonded pair for five years now and Lissa is the only female who can make their Triad complete. They just haven’t figured out how to reveal their true nature without scaring her off forever.

Matters come to a head on Valentine’s Day when Lissa is offered a deal—her uncle’s debt will be paid in full if she will perform one time only for another website, Bound and Forced. The last thing Lissa wants to do is have sex with strangers but she’s so desperate she agrees. What she doesn’t know is that the two men she’ll be having sex with aren’t strangers. They are Adam and Cal and this Valentine’s night just happens to be a full moon.


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