The Academy


Y/A Sci-Fi Dystopian Romance

Published: Aug. 03, 2012
Words: 85,140
Language: English

The Academy…where nothing is at it seems.

Kris Jameson is at the top of her classes at The Royal Academy. The only problem is, she’s a girl and The Academy is an all boys school. Hiding her true identity, she hopes to survive long enough to graduate.

When the class bully after her she must look to her cool, enigmatic roommate, North, for help.

But North has a secret of his own…a deadly one.


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My name is Kris Jameson and I’m a student at the Royal Academy. I’m at the top of all my classes, what they call a “model student.” There’s only one problem—the Academy is an all boys school and I’m a girl.

It started as a prank when I took my brother’s place. But things got complicated when I caught Broward, the school bully, in a compromising position. They got even worse when I was assigned my roommate—the handsome but enigmatic North who saved me several times from the bully’s attacks.

Now the consequences of my deception are coming back to haunt me. The penalty for fraud at this exclusive school is much worse than simple expulsion—I could lose a hand. Worse, so could my beloved brother.

With so much at stake, it’s imperative that I keep my secret safe. And the person I’m closest to, North, is the one I have to be most wary of.

The trouble is, I think I’m falling in love with him…


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