The Sacrifice

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Paranormal Romance

Published: Aug. 31, 2012
Words: 89,640
Language: English

A witch without power meets a vampire with a taste for domination…Emma Krist is about to find a whole new life as…The Sacrifice


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Emma Krist is a dud—a person from a powerful line of witches with no magic of her own. Not only that but she’s full figured instead of thin, like her gorgeous, talented cousins, and has dishwater brown hair and muddy hazel eyes to match. So she figures there’s no way she’ll be chosen as the Bloodlust Sacrifice for the new vampire Sovereign. Not that she would want to be—what girl in her right mind would volunteer to be a sex slave for a year, giving up the rights to her own body and sexuality to a dominating male who likes to bite? Not Emma, that’s for sure.

So when Aiden James calls her out of the crowd, picking her over every other single female in the supernatural community, Emma doesn’t know what to think. Now she must begin a whole new life of submission to her new master, giving herself body and soul without reservation…or suffer the punishment for her disobedience. Kept naked at his strange, mirrored mansion, Emma is teased and tortured nightly, her master denying her release and whipping her at his leisure. As he pushes her body to the limit, she begins to wonder how much more she can take.

But Aiden has reasons for the erotic punishments he inflicts—he knows something Emma does not. Buried deep in her past, is the key which will unlock her hidden potential. Finding it, however, may ruin everything and cost Emma the only chance at happiness she has ever known as…The Sacrifice.

1 review for The Sacrifice

  1. Danea55 (verified owner)

    This is probably the first ‘hard core’ dominant/submissive book I’ve ever read. Though I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite, it was well done and I enjoyed the story line very much. It is very dark, and definitely a tear wrencher, just to warn readers. There is a happy ending, though.

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