Wishful Thinking

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Light Paranormal

Series: The Swan Sister Chronicles #1
Published: September 2018
Words: 105,853
Language: English

A malicious fairy godmother plus a wish to speak her mind equals big trouble for Phil. Can she get her wish reversed before she ruins her life?
You’ll have to read Wishful Thinking, the first book in The Swann Sisters Chronicles to find out..


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The Swan Sister Chronicles, Book One

How do you ditch your Fairy Godmother?

Philomena Swann needs to find out—and fast. Why? Because Phil and her two sisters are 1/8th Fairy—not enough to give them magical powers but sufficient to rate them a fairy godmother from hell—so reckless with her wand they all live in fear of the birthday wishes she grants.

All Phil wants is to make a wish so small and insignificant it won’t mess up her life. But after a horrible day she accidentally shouts out a wish to speak her mind…and then finds she can’t stop. Between telling everyone exactly what she thinks and trying to deal with her eccentric grandmother who’s been brewing botched love potions to catch herself a man, Phil has her hands full.

When she starts finding out some startling things about the people in her life—such as how her hot and hunky co-worker and best friend Josh really feels about her—Phil knows she’s made a wish that will change her world forever.
If it doesn’t ruin her life first.

4 reviews for Wishful Thinking

  1. Allecia (verified owner)

    Holy moly this book had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!! Sooo many times! What a fabulous read! Super funny! Evangeline has done it again and zomg I want the next one NAO!!! There is a scene where Phil talks about a sexy dream she has and it is HAWT!!! Like open all the windows and turn on the fans hawt! So while this book is freaking hilarious, it hasn’t lost it’s touch with the sexy. A very fun read with a bit of heart, some righteous indignation and a fun romp. This is a totally fun book and seriously, Evangeline has done it again! She is a genius! Another set of characters that are different than any others. I loved this book so much and am crazy looking forward to the next one! <3 <3 <3

  2. cathies362 (verified owner)

    Wishful Thinking is a hilariously twisted love story about wishes and dangers. Ms. Anderson has taken so many fantasies about having a wish come true and shows us the opposite side of having that wish come true in a horrible but delightful way. Plus, it definitely has the “Evangeline” steamy scenes! I totally enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to the next one in the series. This one is a keeper! I’ll definitely read it again, even though it’s unforgettable. I’d give this one six stars if I could.

  3. cathies362 (verified owner)

    First response: I need the rest of the series now! It’s that good. Laugh-out-loud funny mixed in with misery. Every plan backfires in such an unmanageable way. Clever dialogue in a twisted plot…nothing turns out as expected.

    I really enjoyed being in the heroine’s mind, understanding what she wanted. Despite what she gets, she’s finally able to “communicate” with the one hot guy she wants. Hot sexy scenes are in there, too. Everything to make a great read!

  4. Nicky (verified owner)

    There is no such thing as a “Simple Wish”.. OMG If only I could have reached into the book and strangled that FG…!
    Just when things seem to finally go right something else goes wrong..
    So funny and frustrating and with an impossible FG and an adventurous grand mother all mixed in and then the toy poodles lol..
    Great read, loads of fun can’t wait for the next one 🙂

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